Experimental meeting ground
for refined urban souls!

Welcome to our new vision for the urban kitchen!

We aim to blend exquisite elements, from art, to the best savoury cuisine, to the soothing rhythms of jazz, blues & soul, to mouth-watering drinks and mixes, all this, to tame the chaos of the city and help you find solace in the hustle and bustle of everyday Bucharest!

The rhythm of the live musical performance subtly blends with the exquisite tastes and delicious smells emanating from the kitchen. The dynamics and dance-like motion of the up-in-front cold kitchen and the artistic ambiance blend to provide a full experience in which no sense is left unattended.

Come experience and let the stress of the day melt away!

Madame Pogany Ambient

The band

Our live band, POG JAZZY COLTS tell stories, suggest themes and rhythms that offer an homage to the great names in jazz, blues & soul history:

from Louis Armstrong to George Gershwin and Miles Davis, while subtly adding modern story nuances.

The kitchen

We start anew! Our superstar chef thought out a new menu to suit the taste of every urban die hard, from the “no BS”, straight forward order to the fine, delicate and experimental plate setting, you can find your mood’s pick.

Every item in the menu plays with the rhythm and dynamics of colour and geometry, taste and texture, combinations and surprises in order to bring about a rounded all-sense experience.

Madame Pogany Chef Gigi Bucataru